Buggy ride with the Mennonites

Old Order Mennonite is a term for the Mennonite groups who dress plainly and reject modern technologies. They put the disciplined church community, rather than individual religious experience, at the center of their Christian faith. ..Old Order Mennonites are found in five major settlements in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, and Ontario. They trace their origin to 1872, when bishop Jacob Wisler of Elkart, Indiana was expelled from the Old Mennonite Church because of his opposition to innovations, like Sunday schools, and organized separate regional groups in Indiana and Ohio. This split was followed by the organization of affiliated regional groups in Ontario in 1889, in Pennsylvania in 1893, and in Virginia in 1901 where the Rhodes family lives and raises 9 children…Most Old Order Mennonites use a horse-drawn buggy for transportation. There are no heaters in most Mennonite buggies so they wear winter coats and use blankets for warmth.

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